September 16, 2019
 In GLIMUN2019: Water Access

Delegate: Cassie Chang

Country: Honduras

Committee: Environmental

Topic: Access to water

Honduras is a country in South America that is experiencing a crisis in which they have a lack of access to improved sanitation, and a majority of Honduras also lack safe drinking water. Honduras has around 638K people without any safe drinking water. They have a lack of safe water that distinguishes a dividing line between rural populations and the rest of the country’s people. 


Today, Honduras has around 8.8% of the population that doesn’t have a reliable safe drinking source. Around 1.2 million people out of 7.8 million people in the city of Tegucigalpa have no water access, that is a big issue for children who could die from water-related diseases. The reason for this unsafe water is due to when Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in 1963. The Hurricane destroyed many of the water pipelines that carried clean water to those who needed it. Thanks to the United Nations for recognizing the issue, we celebrate each year with World Water Day. 


Honduras hopes to be able to contribute to the problems and solutions to the lack of safe drinking water from across the world.

  • Honduras
  • Cassie Chang

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