September 16, 2019
 In GLIMUN2019: Renewable Energy

Delegate: Cassie Chang

Country: Honduras

Committee: Environmental

Topic: Renewable energy

Honduras is a country in South America that has large renewable energy with fossil fuels disappearing. Fossil fuels were used for gas in cars and heating oil and natural gas to generate electricity. There is a downside to using/burning fossil fuels, they can harm the air that we breathe and fossil fuels release carbon dioxide which triggers the greenhouse effect and global warming. In Honduras, they expect to have an increase in energy consumption due to them being the 2nd largest country with a high renewable energy generation. 


Around 2 million of Honduras’s population has no access to electricity. They also produce and consume a lot of electricity for those who have access to it. Honduras would be happy to help those countries who are struggling to change from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

  • Cassie Chang

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