September 16, 2019
 In GLIMUN2019: Infant and Child Nutrition

Commitee:  World Health Organization

Topic:  Infant and Child Nutrition


Malnutrition is a large global problem mainly due to people not receiving enough to eat or people eating the wrong things.  This can lead to overweight as well as underweight children who are likely to continue this trend throughout their life. The best way to stop this is through the elimination of malnutrition as a child.  In Belgium, it was recorded in 2017 that there were 227 deaths out of 100,000, or .25% of deaths were related to malnutrition. Although this may not seem like a lot, this does not include the diseases malnutrition might induce, for example, heart disease.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Belgium, and although heart disease is unlikely to happen to a child, malnutrition as a child could lead to heart disease later in life. People in Belgium are fairly wealthy compared to most of the United Nations and we should be able to improve nutrition through encouragement. Belgium already provides the right foods, the problem is getting people to eat them.  Recently Belgium released a food guide for healthy living created by the Flemish Institute of Healthy Living; it advises citizens to drink more water, eat more plant based food, reduce the consumption of dairy, meat, and products with high sugar, salt, and fat content.  Data from the Global Health Observatory shows Belgiam’s population as 59.5percent overweight and 22.1 percent obese. This food guide can help parents provide their kids with a healthy diet and create healthy habits for the future.  

On Belgium’s behalf, I can say that we of course hope to improve our nation’s health starting in the health of children.  We can begin doing this by informing people, encouraging people, and providing healthy food to people.


  • Jackson Bowles

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