September 16, 2019
 In GLIMUN2019: Libya

Committee: SPECPOL

Topic: Lybia

Country: The Hellenic Republic

Delegate: Caroline Janei, FH Northern HS

After the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the president of Libya, Libyans elected the GNC. Unfortunately, the given deadline that they had to create a constitution failed to be met, plunging the country into chaos. There were many different powers fighting for control over the Libyan government, including the LNC, Daesh, and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups. There has been no central government and the country is currently split between the varying powers, though the GNA wishes to gain power, as to reunite the country. The number of weapons in the country only exacerbates the issue. Many of these powers are supported by other countries and are sending in arms, ignoring the international arms embargo of 2011. Because of the violence and the split government, many, if not most, Libyan citizens are without basic needs.

The Hellenic Republic has stayed fairly removed from this topic of conversation. Though, Greece has taken in several thousand refugees and continues to take in many more. Because of this influx of refugees, of course, Greece wants to end the violence. The Hellenic Republic, as a member of NATO, supports and helps provide for the NATO military troops that are currently in Libya, helping to try and protect the civilians. 

Greece suggests the full implementation of a unanimous resolution made within the UN, as well as a complete and total ceasefire, especially violence against Libyan civilians. 


  • Caroline Janei

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