September 16, 2019

Our Board

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Our Structure

GLICA is incorporated under State and Federal laws as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization. The main decision-making apparatus of the organization is our 13-member board of directors. Directors are nominated from within the pool of staff and our high-school advisors. Directors serve at least one three year term on the board. Our executive board, made up of the President, Treasurer, Public Relations Director, Personnel Director and Secretary is made up of members of the larger Board of Directors, and sit for one year terms. The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly throughout the year in order to oversee the operations of the organization and our conferences.

Our distinguished Glica Board

  • Bill Moraniec
    Bill Moraniec President

    Dearborn, Michigan
    Dearborn High School

  • Kate Wade
    Kate Wade Treasurer

    Glencoe, Illinois
    Ann Arbor Community High School

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith Secretary

    Grand Blanc, Michigan
    The Roeper School

  • Matthew Sunderlin
    Matthew Sunderlin Personnel Director

    Royal Oak, Michigan
    The Roeper School

  • John Elias
    John Elias Public Relations Director

    Nashville, Tennessee
    Flint Southwestern Classical Academy

  • Nick Stratton
    Nick Stratton Board Member

    Vicksburg, Michigan
    Flint Southwestern High School

  • Samantha Floen
    Samantha Floen Board Member

    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    Royal Oak High School

  • Kyle Wade
    Kyle Wade Board Member

    Glencoe, Illinois
    Sitka High School

  • Antwan Edson
    Antwan Edson Board Member

    Flint, Michigan
    Flint Northern High School

  • Celia Kaechele
    Celia Kaechele Board Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    Forest Hills Central High School

  • Veronica Dulin
    Veronica Dulin Board Member

    Washington, DC
    Royal Oak High School

  • Jeff Bean
    Jeff Bean Board Member

    Grand Blanc, Michigan
    Sturgis High School

  • Ben Fallert
    Ben Fallert Board Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    The Roeper School

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