Country: United States Committee: United Nations Security Council  Delegate: Hari Sanil  Delegation: Troy High School  Topic: Abuse by Peacekeepers On behalf of President Donald J. Trump and the [...]

Indonesia recognizes the need for peacekeeping forces in countries.  Further Indonesia recognizes that abuse by peacekeeping forces has been a problem likely since the UN started.  With over [...]

Abuse by United Nations Peacekeepers is a problem, there are over 2,000 reported cases of abuse, however, only 53 peacekeepers have been jailed for their actions.  The U.N. mission to the [...]

Country: Côte D’ivoire Committee: Security Council Topic: Abuse by Peacekeepers Delegate: Jasmine Jacobs School: Kalamazoo Central High School There are over 300,000 Peacekeepers all over the [...]

Committee: Security Council Topic: Abuse by Peacekeepers Country: The United Kingdom Delegate: Will Lacey, Mattawan High School   Conceptually, the United Nations peacekeepers are a tremendous [...]

Committee: Security Council Country: The French Republic Topic: Abuse by Peacekeepers  Delegate: Robert Janes, East Grand Rapids The UN peacekeepers have been instrumental in keeping peace across [...]

Committee: Security Council Topic: Abuse by Peacekeepers Country: The Republic of Peru Delegate: William Mathias, Forest Hills Northern   The UN peacekeepers were created for the purpose of [...]

The UN Peacekeeper has long been instrumental to maintaining the global order of security and cooperation outlined in the charter of these United Nations, being a key factor in the retention and [...]

UN peacekeepers are deployed across the world to ensure the security of citizens and their human rights in the most unstable regions of the world. The international community entrusts these brave [...]

The Russian Federation deeply acknowledges the terrible acts that have been committed by peacekeepers in a position of power over citizens. This pressing issue is not new, and has unfortunately [...]

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