Olivia Ahrens Belgium UNDP   Belgium has many poverty problems even though they are a very rich country.13.5% of the population lives in poverty and has a low-income rate. The young adults in [...]

Hrudy Peela Saudi Arabia ECOSOC UNDP Eradication of Poverty Over 2 million residents in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia live on 17$ or less a day. As much as Saudi Arabia has the 10th lowest poverty [...]

UNDP Eradication of Poverty Hungary In today’s world, more than 3 billion people worldwide live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty which means that [...]

United Nations Development Programme  Eradication of Poverty  Mia Valiotis Australia  Troy High School  According to the World Bank, 1.85 billion people, or 36 percent of the worlds population [...]

UNDP United States of America Eradication of Poverty   Nearly one half of the world’s population, over 3 billion people, live in poverty today. One billion of these people are merely children. [...]

Name: Medha Tripathi Country: Sri Lanka United Nations Development Programme Eradication of Poverty Around 1.85 billion people, or 36 percent of the world’s population, has lived in extreme [...]

United Nations Development Program Disaster Risk Reduction Syria Athens High School Delegate: Areeb Islam               Poverty is the overarching subject in which a person, or persons, lack the [...]

United Nations Development Programme The Eradication of Poverty Amaya Holman The Republic of Azerbaijan  Forest Hills Eastern High School   In today’s society around the world, more than 3 [...]

United Nations Development Programme Eradication of Poverty Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy   According to the UN, 783 million people in the world live below the international poverty line of [...]

United Nations Development Programme Disaster Risk Reduction People’s Republic of China Vipul Adusumilli Forest Hills Eastern   Poverty is ubiquitous in all nations regardless of their economic [...]