World Health Organization Child and Infant Nutrition Canada Kierra Polizzi- FH Northern High School   According to WHO and UNICEF, children should start breastfeeding in as little time as 1 hour [...]

Commitee:  World Health Organization Topic:  Infant and Child Nutrition   Malnutrition is a large global problem mainly due to people not receiving enough to eat or people eating the wrong [...]

Committee: World Health Organization Topic: Infant and Child Nutrition Country: Equatorial Guinea   Malnutrition can affect a body in various ways, they can be found as overweight, wasting, [...]

When addressing the topic of infant and child nutrition in Syria, rather that be prosperity or decay, it is foremostly important to highlight the drastic difference between access to proper [...]

The future of a country is its children, and it is crucial that we take our part in providing for them, despite the fact that many countries are unable to. The World Health Organization must step [...]

The need for proper nutrient intake and stable food supply is extremely crucial for all humans. Adequate nutrition, specifically during infancy, is absolutely essential to ensure the growth, [...]

Hungary believes that child nutrition is an important issue that impacts many countries. With the malnutrition of kids, we do not have a future in this world. Our country has recently wanted an [...]

Committee: World Health Organization Topic: Child Nutrition Country: Australia   Globally, one in three people are affected by malnutrition. Malnutrition is often described as a double burden, as [...]

Committee: World Health Organization Topic: Infant and Child Nutrition Country: United States   The United States’ population is rapidly aging, leaving the future of the U.S. to a smaller [...]

Conner Nagel, Mattawan Highschool Seychelles The World Health Organization: Infant and Child Nutrition Nutrition is a serious issue in third world countries like many in Africa. Ineffective [...]