Committee: SPECPOL Topic: International Drug Trade Country: The Hellenic Republic Delegate: Caroline Janei, FH Northern HS Across the world, illegal substances are being manufactured and [...]

Special Political Committee International Drug Trade and Libya  Canada  Giremt Benyam, Forest Hills Northern High School    The international drug trade has negatively affected our world through [...]

Angela Xu Troy High School      The Commonwealth of Australia expresses deep concern over the frequently expanding trade of illegal drugs, of which has posed a growing threat to the well being of [...]

Rachel Kozlowski Country: Hungary Topic: International Drug Trade International drug trade is defined as the global black market for the distribution and production of illegal drugs such as [...]

Committee: SPECPOL (International Drug Trade) Country: Saudi Arabia International Drug Trade Although drug trafficking has remained a common facet of human culture all throughout history, it was [...]

International Drug Policy As the problem of narcotic and drug abuse increases world wide, Sri Lanka is a major factor in the increase of the transportation and distribution of these drugs. The [...]

Delegate: Rena Foo Country: The Republic of Colombia Committee: Special Political Committee Topic A: International Drug Trade      The international drug trade and drug trafficking are persistent [...]

The International drug trade has been a highly distressing and complex issue for decades, and while there has been legislation and action taken- nothing has sparked a definite decline in the [...]

Topic 1: International Drug Trade Country: Syria Delegate: Raeeda Rahman               Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) addresses the political issues of international [...]

International drug trade has been an issue for centuries. In 1729, 1896, and 1800 Chinese authorities issued edicts against smoking opium being brought to China by the United Kingdom. By the [...]