September 16, 2019
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The United States

Elise Kennedy

Troy High School

The Illicit Arms Trade In the United States, one of the basic human rights that our government protects is life. All citizens have the right to live, and we as a nation understand that the illegal trading of illicit weapons pose a threat to this right. However, illicit weapons, specifically light weapons, also protect this right by ensuring that citizens have the ability to defend themselves. The United States wishes to stress the importance of these weapons and the slippery slope around regulating them. Light weapons allow citizens to feel safe and protected at all times. They allow people of color to feel safe in their communities. They allow for the preservation of life that the United States wishes to see worldwide. On an international scale, it is worth noting that the United States economy benefits significantly from trading arms with other nations, and that our nation supplies arms to 98 other nations. All that being said, the United States also believes in the protection of not only our citizens, but citizens of all nations. Our 2018 Conventional Weapons Destruction programs have helped to decrease stockpiling of illicit weapons, and as a result, they have helped combat the illicit weapons trade. The United States is indeed aware of the unfortunate number of mass shootings and hate crimes that are ravaging our nation. Many have put the blame for these occurrences on our Constitution’s Second Amendment, which states that all citizens have the right to bear arms. It is plausible that the legality of small arms and light weapons could be part of the issue, but we believe that there is more to this than just guns. While the United States would potentially look favorably upon an increase in the regulatory measures around small arms and light weapons, we take the liberty to warn against banning them. It is important to note that mental health, interpersonal relationships, drug use, and other factors could significantly impact the frequency of these crimes, and are far easier to address and solve. With recent advancements in education, be it general or otherwise, the United States still wishes to see more children being educated about gun safety. Most children grow up with shooting drills and video games, potentially desensitizing them to gun violence. This can be modified by educating them about what they are being exposed to. It is the United States’ wish that the other nations in this committee bear in mind two things: firstly, the economy of the entire UN will surely benefit from the legal trading of weapons, and secondly, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. 

  • Elise Kennedy

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