September 16, 2019
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Saudi Arabia, Ridaa Khan

Committee: DISEC

Topic: Preventing Illicit arms trade

School: Troy High School


The delegation of Saudi Arabia stands in an experienced arena when arms trade is the topic at hand. The arms trade and the distribution of SA/LW finds itself present on a broad spectrum of policies in international activities. But possibly despite this idea, the Arms Trade Treaty ventured to solve our modern issue of the illicit arms trade. However, this solution has now passed its prime and also has proven a lack of success with countries like the United States rescinding their votes and other nations rightfully criticizing what was decided. There is also a powerful and sizable group of nations that never agreed on such an overarching agreement whether this opinion was displayed through voting against the ATT, or like Saudi Arabia, voting in abstention. 

     Saudi Arabia is known for its international trade of weaponry and arms, more often than not, traded with oil to western countries. While this heavily relates to the ATT, it is not as relevant to the issue we are undertaking as some may think. This system of trading is between governments; in other words, it is not illicit nor does it provide weapons that are purported by people to be traded illicitly. These weapons are necessary to maintain any sort of peace in our tense climate and the idea that limiting any sort of weapons trade- even the good- is unrealistic and ideal only to certain western developed regions. 


     In this committee, Saudi Arabia would like to examine the fallacies of past action and investigate more inclusive and realistic opportunities to reduce illicit arms trade. The delegation of Saudi Arabia is looking to create solutions that are direct in addressing illicit trade among organizations and civilians while maintaining the trade necessary and legal for military purposes. This will improve through stronger border security initiatives and re-direction by each respective government of SA/LW if necessary. Our delegation is looking forward to collaborating towards a holistic resolution created to yield satisfactory results across the globe. 

  • Ridaa Khan