September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Belarus
Delegate Name: Lydia Lawrenson

Country: Belarus
Delegate Name: Lydia Lawrenson

Submitted To:
From: Belarus
Subject: Reduction Of Military Budgets

The Republic of Belarus takes a strong stance on the reduction of military budgets. As we feel our country has a stable economy, we oppose the lowering of our military budget due to the potential negative effects on our economy.. We also see no need to change our current spending- which is currently $ 821 million. Our nation is constantly advancing in the fields of education, technology and manufacturing. Our industrial development is well off because of our heavy machinery. What’s more, is our growing number of IT companies, which further strengthens our military through our communication systems, and other technical hardware. Education is of high quality and it is free from the ages 6-17. Several popular universities are on our lands, which shows that economic growth is not a concern as we are already a thriving nation. Therefore, our Belarus must strongly take into consideration the possible damage to our national security.
If we were to follow through with lowering our current Military budget, we will do so only after we have tightened our relationships with other nations, as well as after investing additional money into technology. Lowering the funds put into our military, could impact our weaponry, making us less equipped or capable of defending our country if needed. Soldiers might be let go from their jobs, and to let go of our men in any other way than to graduate out would be disrespectful to their oath to serve, and would have an unfair effect on the individual’s lives. This also creates disputes for other industrial suppliers. Another negative aspect is how this may be interpreted as disloyal to our partnership with Russia and other neighboring countries. Weakening our expenses into our defense and security may potentially cause harm in the mutual protective services between Russia and our other respective allies as previously mentioned; our mutually supported partnerships within our relations. Room shall not be made for conveyance in alliances, especially with the current war between Russia and Ukraine, we must be at all times prepared to defend ourselves if the current conflict escalates. Belarus is literally and physically between Russia and the Ukraine, which is why it is imperative for our nation’s military to be ready in case the war on us, too. Our morals lie in the respects of sovereignty of each individual nation to do what is necessary to benefit not just their own country, but also take thought into the best course to remain contributing strength to the United Nations.

United Nations Efforts To reduce military expenditures(2019)
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