September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Women's Economic Empowerment

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Brooke Orlando

Brooke Orlando
Russian Federation
UN Women

In 2021, women make eighty-two cents to every dollar a man makes globally. This is unacceptable. Sexism, motherhood penalties, and misogyny are the root of this issue. The Russian Federation is strongly pushing for an end to this issue. The stigma around starting and raising families for women is a leading cause of pushing them into part-time, low-income work. The lack of support from companies for these women is a major problem. We need to be paying for maternity leave, making time-off for family matters more accessible, and abolishing prejudice against women who are planning for families in the hiring process.
In today’s world, the wage gap is forcing women to choose between their career and their family. This should not be a choice anybody should be forced to make. Women can successfully hold a powerful position in the economy and raise a family simultaneously. The Russian Federation wants to break the stereotype that women are only valuable for being housewives and raising children. We want to achieve this through incorporating more representation of career-minded women and family-minded men in the media. We also believe in developing protection laws for women who want to start families, so they can pursue the jobs they want and keep those jobs when they have children.
Not only does this affect women who want to start families, but it prevents women who do not wish to start families from achieving the same thing. Assumptions are made that all women wish to get married and raise children, but this is not always the case. The Russian Federation wants nothing more than for the inequity with all women to come to a stop, and for the coming generations to understand that all women are capable of pursuing whatever career they may wish to have, and simultaneously pursuing any family goals they may have.

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