September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Sudan

Country: Mozambique
Delegate Name: Saniya Mishra

“There is not a chance for protesting physically on the street, even with graffiti, because the militia’s occupying all the houses,” said Tariq, a Sudanese woman with a baby who was forced out of her house by militia that robbed her of all of her belongings. So, Tariq joined a group of activists, protesting against the widespread violence plaguing the Sudanese population. Especially afflicted are the women and children, with many of their husbands, fathers, uncles, and brothers killed. In these dire situations, measles and malnutrition has plagued the children and spread rapidly in overcrowded camps, where many die due to the lack of medicine and doctors. This is the unfortunate reality for nearly six million people.

The people of Mozambique have endured comparable sufferings in their past during the civil war from 1977 to 1992. In that time, the nation was divided between the communist government and the anti-communist forces, just as Sudan is divided between the warring factions of Burhan’s ruling army and Hemedti’s challenging Rapid Support Forces (RSF), both claiming to offer transition to a democratic state, but neither following through. The state of Mozambique, on the other hand, resolved its internal conflict with a peace agreement and is now led by a democratically elected president and legislature, both of which serve five-terms, allowing citizens to regularly participate in choosing trustworthy policymakers. As a fellow African country, the Republic of Mozambique looks to aid Sudan in the establishment of a democratic system and urges other nations to add their support to this effort. In addition, having faced similar turmoil in Mozambique’s past, which left many transportation and sustenance resources in ruin, the delegation of Mozambique would like to see additional humanitarian aid efforts for the people caught in the crossfire of the Sudanese conflict.

In order to accomplish this, the delegation of Mozambique proposes to increase funding for healthcare and sustenance to be supplied to people across Sudan. In addition, troops and volunteers from other nations should be utilized to aid Sudanese people in escaping the violence by establishing modes of accessible transportation by way of teams in vehicles or aircrafts so that they may find refuge in surrounding nations. Such operations should be funded by UN member nations with more extensive means and who are not facing their own internal conflicts. To resolve the issue with Sudan’s opposing leaders, Mozambique would like to have Burhan and Hemedti meet to agree upon a constitution that establishes civil rights such as the right to meet, the right to petition, right to vote, and the right to free speech and press in order to allow for more power to return to the citizens, like Tariq who is attempting to engage in protests, who can then use that power to shape the government. As a part of this agreement, Sudan will become a multiparty state with elections for a legislature composed of 266 representatives, 2 for each district, that will each serve two-year terms to hold them accountable to the wants of the public. There will also be a president, democratically elected, who will also serve two-year terms, with a maximum of three terms in order to allow for the rotation of those holding power. If the two do not agree to meet and negotiate on these terms, sanctions should be placed on all international economic activity, isolating the warring parties from resources in order to pressure them into building the aforementioned constitution. Under the constitution, the RSF will be kept separate from the army but will only engage in military action on the borders of Sudan or aid in humanitarian efforts, with no military engagement deeper within the country. This will prevent future clashes with the army and allow for continued peace for the people of Sudan to return home and rebuild their communities stronger than ever.

The delegation of Mozambique looks forward to collaborating with likeminded nations that also hope to ensure the establishment of democratic processes and rights in Sudan and the prosperity of their people, their dying men, their sick children, and their fighting mothers, like Tariq.

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