September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Expanding Access to Medical Resources

Country: Egypt
Delegate Name: KenZen Low

Healthcare in Egypt is going well overall with the population living and thriving policies used for healthcare like how to use medicine. This topic is essential to how we can help healthcare in Egypt and globally with these barriers. Healthcare in general is quite pricy and sometimes their equipment isn’t good. The United Nations have to take action is how to make healthcare more affordable for other countries.

Egypt says there should be universal healthcare that is fundamental to others instead of making it super expensive. Recently, organizations like Health Insurance Organizations (HIO) and Curative Care Organizations (CCO) for the healthcare system. The government regulates healthcare in Egypt so sometimes, there are rules for healthcare in Egypt. Supports insurance rates and how to make it more affordable yet have better quality public healthcare. Egyptians seek private healthcare if it is affordable, and the united nations and health organizations help expand public healthcare and make it more affordable. For healthcare problems, Egypt reaches out to Organizations and helps out people in need with any type of healthcare public or private. With the law of Universal Health Coverage, healthcare should be more affordable to citizens anywhere including Egypt. The progression is the same as Egypt commits to this law and follows it for everyone who needs healthcare and has it. Egypt shows that healthcare could be more affordable. From the united nations, healthcare should be more affordable.

Healthcare should be more affordable because it will have a huge impact on the lives who need healthcare. Egypt’s law of universal health coverage makes it more affordable for the citizens who live there. Healthcare is very impactful to living citizens around the world. Follow the law of Universal Health Coverage for a better impact on lives.

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