RoyalOakDelegate 11/23/2022 23:38:29

Country: Israel Delegate Name: Annie Findlay Israel provides universal healthcare coverage to citizens and permanent residents as part of its national health insurance law. Citizens are able to [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/23/2022 21:34:55

Country: Kenya Delegate Name: Adrian Vasicek November 23rd, 2022 Submitted to: World Health Organization From: Kenya Subject: Expanding Access to Medical Resources Delegate: Adrian Vasicek Royal [...]

FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 21:33:32

Country: South Africa Delegate Name: Dylan Potter World Health Organization Expanding access to medical resources the Republic of South Africa Dylan potter Forest Hills Eastern The world of [...]

FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 21:25:19

Country: Indonesia Delegate Name: KenZie Low World Health Organization Expanding Access To Medical Resources Republic of Indonesia KenZie Low Forest Hills Eastern Promoting health and well-being [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/23/2022 20:20:13

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo Delegate Name: Joel Beard Delegate: Joel Beard Country: DR Congo Committee: ECOSOC Topic: Expanding access to medical resources The health system in the [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/23/2022 19:06:36

Country: United Kingdom Delegate Name: Taha Ibrahim World Health Organization Expanding Access to Medical Resources United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Taha Ibrahim, FH Northern [...]

RoeperDelegates 11/23/2022 19:22:12

Country: Brazil Delegate Name: Tristan Ernst-Hodys Delegate:Tristan Ernst-Hodys Country: Brazil Committee: WHO ECOSOC Access to healthcare is an extremely urgent world issue. Worldwide about 400 [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/23/2022 18:14:05

Country: Germany Delegate Name: Sophia Conrad Delegate: Sophia Conrad Country: Germany Committee: World Health Organization Topic: Expanding Access to Healthcare The United Nations first began [...]

FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 16:16:59

Country: United States of America Delegate Name: Sreejay Ramakrishnan World Health Organization Expanding Access to Medical Resources The United States of America Sreejay Ramakrishnan Every [...]

RoeperDelegates 11/23/2022 09:01:40

Country: Ukraine Delegate Name: Meira Gable World Health Organization (WHO) Ukraine Around 400 million people worldwide lack access to essential health care, and even for some who have access, [...]

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