September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Income Inequality

Country: China
Delegate Name: nora ghazal

Income inequality is a present issue that is plaguing much of the world. Income inequality has been an issue for many years but has been on a steep decline since the pandemic. The disruption of income inequality is due to harmful policies that have created gaps in income equity on the basis of sex, religion, ethnicity, race, etc. The gaps in income equity slow economic growth. China’s income inequality is among those the worst in the world. This income inequality is due to sudden urbanization.

China has recognized that income inequality is a severe issue within our country. Since the 2000s China has passed several legislations in order to reduce the gap in income inequality. The Chinese government has issued legislation that increases the income of low-income groups and rural households. Since 2006 the Chinese government has exempted rural households from agricultural taxes. These taxes accounted for 10% of the household income. The United Nations has taken actions including implementing “goal 10” in order to help sustain income growth within the bottom 40% of the population. By working with the United Nations and implementing this goal China hopes to close the gap of income inequality.

To help end the current income inequality China is going to continue to push the agenda of SDG 10. China encourages other countries to push the agenda as well.