FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 23:07:27

Country: Guatemala Delegate Name: Sarah Zaruba Inequality of wealth has often been associated with power and status, and it only gets worse during turmoil, natural disasters, epidemics, or wars. [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/23/2022 18:04:15

Country: Kenya Delegate Name: Jack Novak 11-22-22 Submitted To: United Nations Development Programme From: Kenya Subject: Income Inequality Delegate Name: Jack Novak Historically, the global [...]

KalamazooCentralDelegates 11/23/2022 16:43:04

Country: China Delegate Name: nora ghazal Income inequality is a present issue that is plaguing much of the world. Income inequality has been an issue for many years but has been on a steep [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/23/2022 14:40:45

Country: Japan Delegate Name: Ema Bekic UN Development Program Income Inequality Japan Ema Bekic, Forest Hills Northern High School Income inequality is a rising global problem that highlights [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/23/2022 14:12:18

Country: Romania Delegate Name: RJ Langen United Nations Development Programme Income Inequality Republic of Romania RJ Langen Forest Hills Northern High School The Republic of Romania recognizes [...]

KalamazooCentralDelegates 11/23/2022 11:49:42

Country: Canada Delegate Name: Ava Balint Committee: UNDP Topic: Income inequality Country: Canada Delegate name: Ava Balint The rising income inequality worsens economic and social mobility, [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/22/2022 22:44:58

Country: United Kingdom Delegate Name: David Liu United Nations Development Programme Income Inequality The United Kingdom David Liu, Forest Hills Northern High School One of the major issues [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/22/2022 21:09:48

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo Delegate Name: Ty Keesler Income inequality has been an issue for a long time and now in this age it is now an urgent topic to settle. With the shrinking [...]

EastGrandRapidsDelegates 11/22/2022 19:57:49

Country: France Delegate Name: Ella Duffner United Nations Development Programme Income Inequality France Ella Duffner France looks to decrease income inequality within the country, as well as [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/22/2022 16:34:55

Country: Philippines Delegate Name: Abigail Eyke Income inequality restrains economic and social mobility and growth while repressing marginalized groups. The degree of income inequality is [...]

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