September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Topic: 2023-Militarization of Outer Space
Country: Belgium
Delegate Name: Ethan Ellis

The militarization of outer space is being defined, but there are no clear limits to what a nation can or cannot do. Right now, the militarization of space is using military assets such as satellites to direct bombing strikes. The satellites themselves are not harmful, but they are being used for destructive purposes. The weaponization of outer space would be placing spaced-based weapons for destructive purposes. The “Outer Space Treaty” prohibits the placement of nuclear weapons in outer space, put into place by the UN in 1967. Peaceful uses of outer space, such as exploration are allowed. Putting weapons into outer space could give a nation a lot of destructive capabilities.

Belgium is a large distributor of satellites. Belgium also does a lot of research and science for space. Similar to most countries, Belgium has a space policy that mostly focuses on the civilian aspects of space. Belgium has said that since the competition between major powers is increasing, then we need to play a role in space. Belgium has been recently working on developing defense measures for themselves and European allies, as well as cybersecurity defenses as technology improves. Belgium has worked with France to develop intelligence satellites to help with “strategic and operational level to military and civilian decision-makers”. Belgium and other modern societies are becoming more dependent on space-based services. Belgium and allied forces use and will use space-based assets for strategic military operations. However, Belgium does not want to start integrating space into our armed forces.

Belgium plans to continue to manufacture and distribute satellites to allies. We will also continue to conduct research and explore space in a more domestic use. Belgium will create a “Space Security Centre”, where there will be an increase in our situational awareness capabilities in space. Belgium will continue to increase defenses for possible space-based conflict. We will also keep developing defense strategies and come up with more technology for defense purposes. Belgium will consider joining allied nations to put armed forces and more military assets into space. Belgium’s allies are France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, other EU nations, and the U.S.
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