September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Sudan

Country: Ghana
Delegate Name: Delaney Parkin

Committee: Security Council
Topic: Situation in Sudan
Country: Ghana
Delegate: Delaney Parkin
School: Williamston High School

For almost seven months now, Sudan has been in a humanitarian crisis, divided between the Sudanese Military, and the Rapid Support Forces. Starting on April 15, 2023, Sudan has been faced with a vast conflict covering the capital of Khartoum, all the way to regions including the Darfur region. This fighting has caused millions of civilians to be displaced, and Sudan is now the world’s largest child displacement crisis with millions of children fleeing the nation. Neighboring countries such as South Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad, and the Central African Republic have experienced an immense surge in refugees since the start of the conflict, changing the dynamic amongst multiple nations. Regions impacted by the conflict have experienced increased shortages of necessities such as food and shelter, especially in areas with higher refugee rates. Aid to these affected areas has been strained due to looting, and the inhibition of transportation with the conflict affecting routes for transportation. The conflict is also getting dangerously close to a province where much of Sudan’s food production occurs. This can lead to a great deficit in food distribution and production, increasing the already immense food insecurity issue. Many civilians in the country have resorted to the capital of the Red Sea State, Port Sudan, for assistance, however the city is about at its max capacity. Neither side of this conflict has agreed to attend any peace talks, and any ceasefires imposed have not lasted. The United Nations Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan has been putting most of their efforts towards this issue, trying to bring the two sides to a diplomatic agreement, however no process has been made. This issue greatly affects all surrounding nations, and is a serious danger to any civilians involved. It is important that this conflict be resolved soon, to ensure no further damage is done.
As an African country, Ghana has expressed serious concern regarding this issue, and the impact it has on the region. Ghana is in full support of the conflicting sides coming to a solution peacefully, and promotes peace talks while condemning any further conflict. Ghana has stressed the point that adequate leadership of Sudan is essential for a sustainable solution, as the country needs long lasting resolution, not a quick fix. Ghana is concerned about the attacks on civilians, as well as UNISFA Peacekeepers, and emphasizes the need for investigations, and accountability to be held. Ghana has provided military deployments in both Sudan and South Sudan in the past, which may indicate their future contribution to the situation. Ghana is also concerned with the deaths of United Nations members in the conflict, and provides its concern relating to safely providing support to the situation.
Ghana will continue to strongly encourage the conflicting sides to attend Peace talks and find a diplomatic solution to this issue, as the destruction needs to stop. The nation emphasizes the necessity of the implementation of an arms control program to fight the illegal weapons trade and prevent them from falling into the hands of civilians, causing further damage. Ghana supports a regional led approach to this issue. The A3 (Ghana, Gabon, and Mozambique) is particularly concerned with three issues. These include: Maintaining coherence and prioritizing efforts towards ending hostilities, a de-escalation of the situation and protection of all civilians; the need to contain the conflict and prevent a wide-spread and long-drawn out conflict, and The concern with implications of current conflict on security of the region, promoting aid, especially to regions with refugees. The A3 communicates its collective rejection of any external interference in ongoing conflict which would complicate the situation on the ground.

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