September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Haiti

Country: Ghana
Delegate Name: Delaney Parkin

Committee: Security Council
Topic: Situation in Haiti
Country: Ghana
Delegate: Delaney Parkin
School: Williamston High School

Haiti has been struggling with poverty, corruption, and infrastructure problems for over almost two hundred years now. The country was in immense debt to France until 1947, however even after all that debt was paid off, the country was still left with a variety of different problems. The increasing debt, foreign intervention and natural disasters have been aiding these problems in devastating the nation. Since 2004, and the coup d’etat ousting the president, the country has been covered with political violence and protest. To help with this, the United Nations established the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). However, months after a massive earthquake in 2010, this same mission caused a cholera epidemic, worsening the relationship with the local population, and the humanitarian crisis. Since then, this committee has been modified into a smaller peacekeeping mission (MINUJUSTH), which was followed by the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH). Peacekeeping forces left the nation in 2019, further damaging the economy and stability of the country. Along with economic instability, the nation is severely unstable in the realm of politics as well. Since the presidential assassination in 2021, the country has been running with no president, and as of January 2023, no legislators. This has caused immense conflict between what is left of the lower government/police force, and gangs. Armed gangs now have control over extensive amounts of the nation, including 80% of the capital. Gang violence has killed thousands of people, and subjected even more to sexual violence. Much of the country’s humanitarian workers have left as well due to the increased violence. It is important that the United Nations creates an agreeable solution quickly, as many lives are at stake. That being said, it is important to consider the country’s history with foreign intervention, and ensure there is consultation with the nation’s population.
With its history surrounding problems with foreign intervention, Ghana has not been very involved in this situation. However, the nation has expressed deep concern with the violence and lack of stability plaguing Haiti. Without much access to food, and aid, the people of Haiti have been left to deal with increased poverty and insecurity. The violence seen in Haiti is deeply disturbing, as much of the gang violence contains sexual violence and gruesome punishments. That being said, Ghana has supported the initiative to provide support to the Haitian police to combat this violence. In the past Ghana has pledged at least three million dollars in emergency relief to Haiti, and hosted a “Ghana Loves Haiti” fundraising concert after the nation was struck with a devastating earthquake and epidemic. In the past, Ghana did not provide any military, or personnel to MINUSTAH or the United Nations Police, and most likely will not provide these resources again to this situation.
At a previous Security Council briefing on the situation in Haiti, Ghana shared its support for multiple ideas regarding the resolution of this situation. Ghana supports a solution that is owned and led by Haiti, and encourages regional consultation on the deployment proposal of the international security assistance mission to Haiti. The country would support resolutions that have the least foreign intervention possible, as Haiti has been damaged by the effects of foreign intervention in the past. Ghana supports targeted sanctions against gangs and their supporters, as well as the strengthening of the criminal justice system in Haiti. Ghana calls on the shareholders and donors to increase support to the Haitian police to combat gang violence, and calls on Haitian political figures to increase efforts to establish a Haitian-led political process to redeem the nation’s political stability. As part of the A3, Ghana will most likely work closely with Gabon and Mozambique, as well as other countries who support a Haitian led solution to the situation.

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