Our Mission

Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding.

Albert Einstein

Moved by Dr. Einstein, we envision a world where our leaders better the social, political, environmental and economic arenas of the world by engaging one another through diplomatic dialogue rather than through violence, force or tyranny of the majority. At the core of their policies, decisions, and actions should be the deepest respect for human rights and dignity.

To that end the Great Lakes Invitational Conference Association is dedicated to hosting educational conferences and programs that foster rigorous consideration and understanding of the numerous issues facing the international community amongst our future leaders. Furthermore, that our delegates learn not only the academics of these issues, but develop a strong set of problem-solving skills, diplomacy and consensus-building at the forefront, that will enable them to effect a positive change in their schools, workplaces and communities, and further advance the cause of peace through understanding.

Our History

The Great Lakes Invitational Conference Association was formed in 1973 when a group of students from Eastern Michigan University took on the Great Lakes Invitational Model United Nations conference as an independent project. Independence from the university afforded the group more freedom to manage the conference and allowed those with a passion for Model United Nations to continue their work beyond graduation. GLICA and is currently the oldest, independent Model United Nations organization in the state of Michigan, and likely the Great Lakes region.

GLICA continues to be run entirely by volunteers. Over the last 40 plus years the organization has had hundreds of volunteers serve on its staff; some for short periods, and others for decades. These volunteers, referred to as "staff", are individuals dedicated to educating youth in global awareness, critical thinking skills, public speaking, creative diplomacy and the belief that world peace can be achieved through understanding.

Our Structure

GLICA is incorporated under State and Federal laws {501(c)3} as a non-profit, educational organization. The main decision-making apparatus of the organization is our 13-member board of directors. Directors are nominated from within the pool of staff and our high-school advisors. Directors serve at least one three year term on the board. Our executive board, made up of the President, Treasurer, Public Relations Director, Personnel Director and Secretary is made up of members of the larger Board of Directors, and sit for one year terms. The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly throughout the year in order to oversee the operations of the organization and our conferences.

Board of Directors


Antwan Edson, President
    Flint Northern High School
    Flint, Michigan

Kate Wade, Treasurer
    Ann Arbor Community High School
    Glencoe, Illinois

Matt Sunderlin, Personnel Director
    The Roeper School
    Royal Oak, Michigan

Bill Moraniec, Public Relations Director & Secretary General
    Dearborn High School
    Dearborn, Michigan

Jim Smith, Secretary & Research Director
    The Roeper School
    Los Angeles, California

Directors At-Large

Veronica Dulin, Development Director
    Royal Oak High School
    Washington, DC

Jeff Bean
    Grand Blanc, Michigan

Nicholas Stratton
    Flint Southwestern Academy
    Lapeer, Michigan

Kyle Wade
    Glencoe, Illinois

Robert Wishart
    Flint Central High School
    Shanghai, China

Samantha Floen
    Royal Oak High School
    Kalamazoo, Michigan

Celia Kaechele
    Forest Hills Central High School
    East Lansing, Michigan

Zoe Bommarito
    Williamston High School
    East Lansing, Michigan


GLIMUN 2015 and 2016

Dates for the next two GLIMUN Conferences have been finalized with our hotel. GLIMUN 2015 will be November 18 - November 21, 2015, and GLIMUN 2016 will be held November 30 - December 3, 2016.

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