September 16, 2019

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Program Support

Our highly-experienced staff would gladly support your MUN program. We tailor our support to new and mature programs alike.

School Visit

Our staff will gladly make school visits throughout the school year to assist in conference preparation. On school visits, our staff run MUN exercises with students, based on a lesson plan designed to meet the school’s needs.

Typical Duration:

90 – 120 minutes

Common Topics:

  • Making speeches
  • Writing resolutions and amendments
  • Writing position papers
  • Being strategic in committee

Educational Material

Our staff creates and curates high-quality educational materials on MUN. Available materials include how to build and run an effective MUN program as well as one-pagers on topics such as public speaking, position papers, and resolutions.

Available Material:


Our staff regularly provides expert guidance to MUN program advisors. We meet you where you are. We are available by phone, email, social media, and Zoom. Let us know how we can help!

We hold help rooms for advisors interested in registering for our conferences. The help rooms will be hosted on Zoom, where GLICA staff will walk advisors through the steps necessary to register for conference. We’ll also gladly answer any other questions about our conferences and the support we offer to MUN programs!

Contact Information
Outreach Coordinator: Chloe Weigel (

Public Relations Director: Kevin Mersol-Barg (

GLIMUN Secretary General (

SIMUN Secretary General (

Zoom Help Room Dates:

The upcoming dates are to be determined.

If you need help at a different time, please contact us to set up an individual Zoom call.

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