September 16, 2019
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Palestine has always been in a battle. From our conception as a state, to this very minute we have been fighting. Our biggest fight now is with Israel, a nation that thinks it’s okay to violate international law, invade our state, and oppress our people. From killing innocent civilians without cause, to gunning down those legally crossing Israeli checkpoints, they chip away at our state day after day. What enables them to keep their forces strong? Private Military Contractors, who are thrust into a situation they don’t understand, and make mistakes that cost lives.

On April 27, 2019, Abu Ismail and Ibrahim Taha attempted to enter Israel via the West Bank. That had received a legal permit to do so, because Abu Ismail needed medical treatment he could only receive in Jerusalem. Having never been to Jerusalem, they wandered into the wrong traffic lane. A trained soldier tried to redirect them, but an inexperienced PMC mercenary fired seven shots, killing them both. What punishment befell this murderer? None whatsoever. Why? Because unlike soldiers who are reviewed by military investigators, PMC mercenaries have no review protocols. They can commit acts of murder wirh impugnity, and are allowed to do so by Israel. Our state has been stained with the blood of our fallen people, and that stain grows ever crimson as Israel’s budget for PMC’s grows, currently at $180 Million. Israel refuses to do anything about their aggressive and untrained PMC mercenaries, but as an institution that values the sanctity of human life, the UN must act now.


Palestine is in full support of regulating PMCs to stop the murder of our citizens, and the abuses against those in other nations. We would be in full support of measure that would call for UN sponsored investigations into the actions of PMCs. We would also like to see that PMC mercenaries are properly trained in the policies and procedures of the territories in which they are working. Training could also be overseen by UN appointed authorities. We as a nation firmly believe that these are necessary actions that would help to ensure the safety of our citizens, and citizens of other nations that are forced to deal with abuses brought about by PMC mercenaries.

  • Kumar Varma

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