September 16, 2019
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Committee: General Assembly, SOCHUM 

Topic: Combatting Racism and Xenophobia

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Over the last several centuries, regardless of specific circumstances, racism and xenophobia have allegedly marginalized groups of people. They accuse governments and people of discriminating against them on the grounds of race.  They cry when the citizens of a nation resist their cultural imperialism after an invasion. Why does it surprise them that the people of the DPRK love to share one beautiful culture? We have no need to change. Our people do not demand change. The United Nations intensely focuses on this idea of “racism.” The 2001 and 2009 meetings in Durban showcase their obsession with the concept. However, the DPRK alone correctly identifies this focus as a time and resource waste as the supposed xenophobia and racism is, in fact, only truly prevalent in the western imperialist nations; the DPRK has no need for such discussions.  

In our glorious, sovereign country, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, racism and xenophobia are not issues. The international community, especially the western imperialists have falsely accused our great nation of such oppression.These accusations are nothing short of slanderous and false. The one, true Korea  properly protects our culture and people from the misleading, corruptive influence of treasonous foreigners. Our country has passed countless pieces of legislation in order to protect our people. We have set in place certain quotas for tourism and visiting in our country so that the foreigners can see what our great culture has to offer, but not in an amount that can harm the supreme and pure culture they came to visit. 

The word “xenophobia” implies that there is a fear. The very word itself when broken down means the fear of foreigners. But this does not apply to the DPRK. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not afraid of any person, country, idea, or race. Rather, the DPRK wishes to only protect the pure race and pure ideals that it has harbored for so long. The DPRK believes that without the influence of the western imperialists it will continue to thrive for millenia to come, but there is danger when the purity of Korea has been dirtied with the influence of other, less perfect systems from around the world. For that reason the DPRK sees racism or xenophobia as not being problems that the UN should be addressing. The UN should be putting its time and resources into protecting the member states from each other, and protecting the cultures of the states involved, instead of using its resources for aiding in the ideological invasion of civilized cultures under the guise of “fighting racism and xenophobia”.

  • Jonathan Andrews

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