September 16, 2019
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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea finds the move of hiring a PMC weak. But seeing as some nations must make weak moves to gain power, then we as a committee must address this topic so said weak military moves can be made in a humane way. The DPRK has watched major western powers hire PMCs for war and security and is ashamed by what it sees year after year. PMCs are nothing more than capitalistically fueled death machines, and we must put our foot down as soon as possible, it has been far too long that PMCs have been allowed to aimlessly murder with no consquence. 

Amounting to around 650,000 “soldiers” worldwide, major PMC organizations all have their own infamous story. Each story is one too many. Whether it be Blackwater and ADS mowing down civilians in Iraq with LMGs, Defion International imposing the culture of their contractors upon innocent civilians, or Unity Resources, Triple Canopy, and DynCorp usurping jobs and resources at embassies and combat zones. We are mandated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN Charter to put an end to this. The DPRK will be pushing heavily for nations who currently have contracts with PMCs to dissolve them. The delegation will also be pushing for trust busting, arrests, and detentions, on all appropriate levels in order to address the corrupt, vile, and inhuman, culture of PMCs. As an alternative to PMCs, if nations should argue that they are necessary, the DPRK will not hesitate to suggest a worldwide military build up. A strong and healthy military maintains the core of every great nation on this planet. The military provides jobs, training, and builds a culture of discipline and honor. The DPRK would suggest said build up now more than ever, especially due to the shrinking ratio of military personnel to PMC personnel.

In addition to the suggested response, the DPRK would also recommend that all member nations who utilize PMCs take a step back and reevaluate their policies and contracts. It has been too many times that the DPRK has watched PMCs under the watch of large western powers carry out completely non militaristic and improper protocol. This begs the question of whether this can be a tool used for imperialism, letting independent organizations carry out actions that would be frowned upon were the nation contracting them to do it themselves. That directly threatens the national sovereignty of all nations in the committee, especially those not in the good graces of the western powers. 

The DPRK has always been a nation proud of its military. The actions of PMCs as well as the intentions of choice nations who have contracted them are not only frowned upon the Korean government, they’re frowned upon by the Korean culture. The delegation feels that it is mandated by that fact to ensure that the committee sees the previously suggested reforms and punishments take place at the upcoming conference. The raging injustice of PMCs must be put to an end, they are a cancerous loop-hole that have been abused far too long. 



  • Benjamin M. Venus

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