September 16, 2019
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The Russian Federation deeply acknowledges the terrible acts that have been committed by peacekeepers in a position of power over citizens. This pressing issue is not new, and has unfortunately laid its roots across the world. In combating this issue, legislation reform must take place in order to ensure safety and dismiss malintent peacekeepers, such reform must include consideration of the Human Rights jobs and their roles in abuse. The number of human rights jobs in the United Nations must be diminished to see an advancement in protection. 

The United Nations is exceeding the necessary amount of Peacekeepers deployed in the first place, along with numerous other human rights jobs in the United Nations. By reducing the amount of peacekeepers deployed, while still retaining jurisdiction of accused peacekeepers violating conduct to their respective home country, progress will be achieved. The Russian Federation has taken its stance numerous time in the United Nations that its beliefs are not that human rights jobs are unnecessary, but that we are spending an exceeding amount of jobs that could be easily reduced and easily controlled. 


  • Matt Catchick

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