September 16, 2019
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The Transitional Military Council (TMC) of Sudan has been faced with the daunting tasks these last few months. The trying situation in Sudan has shown us that many violent radicals are scourging the Sudanese representation and have hence skewed the political affiliation in Sudan. Many radical and terrorist groups have since tried to work against the TMC violently while blending in with the Sudanese population. While this situation has masked itself as something needing outside influence to intervene, the Russian Federation will not accept this notion.

The TMC currently in place has shown to be competent, and will deal with these efforts in due time. The authorized action we must implement will be that of support, ushering our gracious efforts to aid them in securing peace against the radicals. The situation in Sudan is a difficult one to ascertain properly, as the Security Council is no doubt aware of. What we must pride ourselves in at this time of crucial turmoil is not that of ignorance, but of a rapturous alignment with the TMC in order to correctly protect their State as well as their citizens. While the radicals have donned military outfits and publicly displayed acts of violence, the Security Council is urged by the Russian Federation to seek clarity in an opaque glass that is the situation in Sudan. 


  • Matt Catchick