September 16, 2019
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SUBMITTED TO: United Nations Development Programme

FROM: Russian Federation

Subject: Eradication of Poverty

Royal Oak High School

Nina Hall

Poverty around the globe is a major issue for society. Russia is affected by poverty as much as the rest of the world. They have an exceptionally high rate of poverty for their population. Around 19.2 million Russians fell under the poverty line in 2016, a significant increase from the previous year which was around 16.1 million. With this rate of growth, it is becoming a serious concern for most of the population and Russia is willing to help in the aid and relief of poverty.

How does this affect Russia? What Actions is the nation taking towards this issue? According to studies around 10% of the world lives in poverty. Russia currently has one of the highest poverty rates in the world at 13.1%. This is due to the high rate of people employed in agriculture. 9.4% of the population works in the agricultural business. Because of the climate in Russia, it is not a very sustainable line of labor. 

While that is one factor, another factor is the financial crisis that took place in 1998. The ILO Moscow Office invited Mr Khan, a leading specialist on poverty issues,  to provide consultations on poverty monitoring and development of poverty reduction strategy. The financial crisis of August 1998 brought a wide-scale decline in living standards, thus the UNDP together with the ILO Moscow Office held the round table “The August Crisis and Poverty Scale in Russia”. By doing so the two groups were able to analyze and discuss possible solutions to solve the poverty issue while dealing with the financial crisis. Organizations of the UN have closely attended to the issues of poverty In Russia since 1995. This was when the Human Development report was initially published in Russia. Economic sanctions on the country have also affected the country’s finances. Sanctions that have been placed on oil have severely decreased the revenue received from oil exports. These sanctions were placed during the Ukrainian Crisis.


A good resolution to this issue is the betterment of the population of Russia, as well as taking care of economic problems. By doing so it could help in decreasing the poverty rates in Russia. The nation as a whole is ready to cooperate with other nations and welcome to any solutions that may solve the current situation.

  • Nina Hall

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