September 16, 2019
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UN peacekeepers are deployed across the world to ensure the security of citizens and their human rights in the most unstable regions of the world. The international community entrusts these brave men and women with immense amounts of power and authority to protect these people and prevent conflict. Unfortunately, the UN has not properly addressed the abuse of power by many peacekeepers in many parts of the world. The UN has reported several allegations of sexual exploitation across multiple peacekeeping missions. Despite the UN stating that over 2000 cases of sexual abuses have been reported since 1990, very little action has been taken. Dozens of accusations of sexual abuse are reported yearly to the UN and this issue sees no sign of stopping without strong UN action.


The United Nations has made attempts in the past to pass a comprehensive resolution to end the sexual violence and exploitation perpetrated by peacekeepers. On March 11th, 2016 the Security Council passed Resolution 2272 on the sexual abuses by peacekeepers. This resolution has proven to have reduced rates of sexual abuse reports but there is still much work to be done as sexual abuse crimes are still being reported to the UN in staggering numbers and justice has not been brought to the accused.


Equatorial Guinea is concerned with its interests across the world in making sure that fundamental human rights are respected and those who do not respect them are rightfully brought to justice. Half of the world’s 14 peacekeeping missions are in Africa. Equatorial Guinea’s position on Pan-Africanism and the importance of our friendship and shared identity with the nations of Africa especially concerns the nation of Equatorial Guinea as it is our right as members of the African Union that our fellow Africans are treated in a way that ensures the maintenance and integrity of their human rights. Equatorial Guinea was elected into its position in the Security Council to represent its interests as well as the interests of the African Union. Equatorial Guinea is committed to ensuring that abuses by peacekeepers are no longer met with inaction.


Equatorial Guinea would like to see a resolution passed that adds to the previously passed Resolution 2272 that protects the civilians of areas where peacekeepers are deployed. The nation of Equatorial Guinea will ensure that the perpetrators of these blatant crimes against the civilians, who are supposed to be protecting, are properly brought to justice. The inaction by the international community is appalling and the Security Council must ensure that this issue is resolved.




  • Arjun Singh