September 16, 2019
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People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

United Nations Environmental Protection Committee: Access to Water


There is an epidemic throughout the course of the world, clean water is becoming scarce in some areas of the world. In the words of the UN, roughly 84% of all Algerians have access to fresh, clean water. Also, about 74% of them have access to drinking water in specific. While in other countries, some of them have difficulties with obtaining clean water. The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria can assist those other countries that are in dire need of freshwater with the help of our 84% of our nation’s clean water.


With an actively increasing population, the demand for fresh, clean, water in Algeria is on a rapid rise. While more citizens are demanding for clean water, the rise is causing a slight increase in the amount of unsanitized water. The service quality of obtaining water is about 20% of people getting 24-hour constant clean water receival. Our nation is investing roughly 20 billion in US dollars for a 5-year plan to better water supply as well as sanitation. While improving wastewater treatment, has lead to better agriculture and a stronger economy in general. Since Algeria is not in desperate need of better water, we can use the systems that we have implemented to assist our allies, such as: Palestine, China, North Korea, Russia, Pakistan, and Iran, who are in a much bigger predicament involving access to a clean and freshwater supply.


While being involved in the committee, we as Algeria plan to use systems such as the ones implemented in our country to help other countries in dire need; like the water drainage and underground systems. We will provide donations for sanitary services and clean pipes for easy transportation for the water. Collect funds for this process to spread donations to the countries in the largest need of these systems. Yet also, while trying to assist these other countries, try to clean up our own a little bit to decrease the percentage of unsanitary water within our country. We look forward to meeting with delegates to find an impactful solution to this issue.

  • Samuel Growney

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