September 16, 2019
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Forest Hills Central

New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Special Political Committee (SPECPOL): Libya


Since 2011, there has been a detrimental humanitarian crisis occurring in Libya. The North African country has a corrupt government, insurgency groups, and just overall poor living conditions. These all converged upon each other leading to civil unrest and the 2011 uprising. It started with the Arab Spring protests, which then led to a civil war. Foreign militaries intervened, and the former leader, Muammar Gaddafi, was then ousted and killed, which led to much civil discontent and ultimately, a second iteration of the civil war. All of this unrest in the State of Libya has naturally led to many casualties and a mindset of “everyone for themselves”.


Because this is a crisis in only the State of Libya, who are not partners in trading with us, this has naturally not had an effect on New Zealand. We do believe, however, that no human rights violations, such as the ones going on in Libya right now, should go unchecked, and we have a history, being a member of the United Nations since its founding, to be concerned about violations of human rights anywhere on earth. This crisis, however, does not have a domestic history within New Zealand, and can, therefore, be left without too much explanation.


As the delegate of the nation of New Zealand, we believe that it is only the right for these United Nations to help with any humanitarian crisis, no matter how small or large it is, and this one, being rather large, requires immediate attention.


Therefore, I propose that we should pass a resolution that would set up a good interim government that would hold Libya over until the civil war, once again, ends, and when that is over, we will assist Libya in holding free and fair elections, where the Libyan people can elect any leader they would like. While we are at it, we would urge them to take another look at their constitution and make sure they close any of the loopholes that allowed the destabilization of the nation-state in the first place, and if that is going a bit too far, then we would at least help them pass anti-corruption laws, which are not at all present in the Middle East, but they really need to be.


Along with this, I urge other countries to come up with resolutions of their own that would fix this crisis and bring an end to all human rights violations in the State of Libya.

  • Victor Jammal