September 16, 2019
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Country: India

Committee: DISEC

Topic: Preventing the Illicit Arms Trades

Delegate: Joey Mooney

School: East Grand Rapids

The nation of India is a firm believer of reducing the use of indiscriminate weapons in conflict and in future eliminating the use of these weapons. India is one of the oldest countries that has been against the use of indiscriminate weapons in conflict, and the use of nuclear weapons. Indiscriminate weapons are weapons that we no longer need while in conflict. India was the first to sign the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) in 1968, and have already signed the Arms Trade Treaty. India believes that indiscriminate weapons cause unnecessary civilian deaths, and weapons such as mines should be required to be removed by the country that put them there. All countries holding nuclear weapons should find a safe way to remove of them, and/or nullify the threat of them in some way. Ireland believes the best way for this is to update the ATT and include more regulations, and restrictions in it. Countries who refuse to oblige should face a consequence in some way, however no violent action should be taken.


The nation of India also believes that some humanitarian action should be taken. Explosive weapons are an unnecessary risk in heavily populated areas, and unmanned drone strikes are also extremely dangerous. In cities where civilians are being killed by these indiscriminate weapons, India believes that the UN should take action in some way to remove civilians from the war zones, and if possible end fighting there. India believes that indiscriminate weapons are unnecessary, and the best thing to happen as of now is to remove them.

  • Joey Mooney

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