September 16, 2019
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The international drug trade is detrimental to every country and every person involved. Because of this The Republic of India believes that the committee needs to take a strong stance against it.  However, India, Australia, France and Turkey accounted for 83 per cent of global production of morphine-rich opiate raw materials in 2017, the report said. “The stocks were considered sufficient to cover 19 months of expected global demand by manufacturers at the 2018 level of demand,” it says. This has come from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, which published a report in 2018 regarding this topic. The drug trade in India is a crucial part of their vibrant pharmaceutical scene, which is a big part of our economy. Because of this I think the committee should focus on regulating the drug trade, as opposed to prohibiting it. In 2018 alone India produced 66 tons of Opium, some of which went to people who needed the drug. Although a vast majority of the drugs were funneled into the black market, they still helped people who rely upon those drugs. India is also a big country to aid in the transit of drugs, as it is one of the hubs in Southeast Asia. This too aids the economy, so the committee should focus on regulating the transportation as well. India proposes creating a subcommittee to aid in this. Doing so would not require much effort from the committee, so it would be very efficient.

  • Paul Janes