September 16, 2019
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Committee: DISEC

Topic: Private Military Contractors

Delegate: Henry VanderZyden

Private Military Contractors are a very effective, and essential part of any nation’s defense and protection. Thes PMC’s often have more skilled and specialized men that are more skilled in security than the regular troops, in the Army or Navy. France has a small problem with private military contractors. They usually like to use their own small private military contractors, to take out their anger on others. In the meantime, they have a major problem with the Russian’s own private military contractors. They have recently been abusing their powers in Africa, and have continuously tried to take advantage of many African nations.  The difference between our private military contractors and Russia is that we use them mainly for security and protection of our people. Behind the oversight by our amazing leader, we have effectively used private military contractors to better protect our people. However, we believe, that no matter what this committee, Disarmament and Security Council, tries to do or whatever resolutions they attempt to pass, they will all be ineffective and inefficient. I believe that we are so polarized that nothing will get down, but in the future, hopefully, we will be better able to potentially pass a resolution on this topic.

  • Henry VanderZyden

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