September 16, 2019
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Committee: Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Topic: Libya

Delegate: Paul Janes


India and Libya are very strong allies, and because of this India will support Libya in any thing that they vote on. India and Libya have had strong bilateral ties since the 60’s, and have had a flourishing relationship ever since then. India welcome the Security Council resolution 1506 in support of Libya. The height of their democratic ties was in 1984, but they have kept their diplomatic ties alive since then. Additionally India and Libya have enjoyed close economic ties. In 1978, the two countries signed a framework agreement, which was the beginning of consultations on economic cooperation between the two countries under Indo-Libyan Joint Commission (ILJC).  The ILJC meets yearly to discuss their economic relations, and will continue to do so. The two countries have a strong cultural connections as well, which serves to draw the citizens of the two countries together. This cultural bond has served them well for when the Prime Minister of India visits Libya, which last occurred in 2007. India established a democratic mission with Libya in 1969, and have kept it since. They established this in Tripoli, and have kept it there despite the controversy surrounding Libya. India urges the committee to help Libya as opposed to placing more sanctions on them. The only way to resolve the problems in Libya is if there is aid, I recommend the committee provide it to them. While it isn’t necessary to have every member committee on board, it is necessary that some of the Western countries are willing to provide aid. 

  • Paul Janes