September 16, 2019
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Private Military Contractors are used in many different ways from a personal level or a national level. Countries with high crime rates or countries that have smaller populations will hire Private Military Contractors (PMC) for their country to serve like a military. If you travel to a threatening country you might hire a PMC to serve as a personal security guard. There are many negative effects of the use of PMC ‘s.The use of 20,000 PMCs caused racism in the fight against terror. Lastly, PMC’s can destabilize wartorn countries like Iraq. countries, causing unnecessary violence. 


There has been quite a bit of third party research surrounding PMCs and their effectiveness. Most of this research calls for regulations on PMCs. Unfortunately, this is not being implemented because…. Although many countries that have not used them have called for action.


 The delegation of Qatar is against the national use of PMC’s. The UAE attempted to invade Qatar with a PMCs. In 2017, and American linked PMC group planned to invade Qatar. Lucky it never happened. Thusly, because of the use of PMC’s, the “soldiers” that invaded Qatar had no international penalties against them. Additionally, the use of PMCs make it easier for countries to mobilize, which happened in the case when the UAE attacked Qatar. Therefore, Qatar is strongly against the use of PMCs


The delegation of Qatar would look favorably upon a resolution banning PMCs to be affiliated with one nation. As stated before, these PMCs caused racism and violence including killing 17 unarmed iraqi citizens. Also, the delegation of Qatar would look favorably upon a resolution imposing stricter economic penalties if a nation attacks another with PMCs. If countries do not do anything about this, the world could be altered by these PMCs.

  • Andrew Klein

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