September 16, 2019
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November 11, 2019


World health organization

Infant and Child Nutrition

Royal Oak High School

Katie Binkowski

Infant and Child nutrition has become a very large issue in today’s day and age.  It can be as prominent as Venezuela’s Humanitarian Emergency, but it also is the issue that children all over the world are not getting proper nutrition.  The main nutritional problems of the Russian population are stunting in children, micronutrient deficiencies for both adults and children and a high prevalence of overweight and obesity in adults.

Policymakers Have little understanding of their economic and social determinants, which is leading to child malnutrition, so a question to think about in committee is How can we better inform Policymakers so that they will have a better understanding of why this issue is occurring and how it can be stopped? Russia labels its food with its nutritional value on its package but a lot of countries do not do this, so how can we encourage countries to list or label the nutritional value on their food packaging?  Due to Russia’s policy toward food production, our citizens are informed of the importance of good nutrition, and we want more countries to educate their children and parents about the importance of good nutrition.

Russia believes a good resolution would include the encouragement for countries to list or label the nutritional value on their food packaging. To combat child malnutrition policymakers need to have a better understanding of its economic and social determinant Russia would support a resolution with a similar objective to that of the Russian health policy.

Russia looks forward to discussing this topic further with all other nations in the committee.

  • Katie Binkowski

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