September 16, 2019
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Country: Palestine


Committee: DiSec


Topic: Preventing Illicit Arms Trade


Delegate: Kumar Varma


School: City High Middle School


Palestine is a state, being bullied by a nation with more power. Israel constantly invades us, chips away at us, and commits acts of violence against us. In 2018, Palestinian protestors were peacefully marching in the Gaza strip, when Israeli citizens decided to react. Using illegally traded arms, including handguns, hand grenades, and other small arms they murdered 189 Palestinians, including 31 children and 3 medical workers. Why were these acts of violence can be committed? Because the Israeli government doesn’t seem to know or care that their citizens are being given powerful weapons that are then used to murder.


We believe that the UN should send in trained peacekeepers to areas such as the Gaza strip, so as to prevent these acts of violence from occurring. We would also be in favor of UN appointed security forces standing guard at points of entry, and prevent Israeli radicals from being given more weaponry. Gun buybacks are inefficient som, we would not be in favor of them. Most of the time, they only take away weapons from those who aren’t committing crimes anyway. UN Peacekeepers have proven themselves effective however, and so we need them as soon as possible.


  • Kumar Varma

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