September 16, 2019
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Dominican Republic

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian(SOCHUM): Combating Racism and Xenophobia


Racism and xenophobia are problems that have been long-ingrained in the world’s history. Xenophobia is defined as a dislike of or prejudices against people from other countries. Racism is along the same lines but focuses on racial inferiority. Travelers and immigrants are being attacked verbally and physically. These types of conditions for foreigners are causing a hostile environment, and are creating divides between the countries. This inherent evil must be dealt with in order to create a peaceful world and not drive arguments and hatred around the globe.


The Dominican Republic has a long history of racism and xenophobia. The problem first arose a long time ago with the natural citizens of the Dominican Republic being oppressed by the Spanish explorers in the early history of the country. In the present, the Haitian immigrants are being discriminated against by our people. Roughly 70,000 Haitian immigrants are in the Dominican Republic. They are leaving Haiti because of poverty or natural disaster and are being met with racism in the Dominican Republic. We, however, recognize these people as refugees and welcome them for asylum as long as they follow the application process and are here legally. The racism in the Dominican Republic is not severe and can be controlled.


Discrimination toward refugees is apparent around the world. Incidents of racism and xenophobia can be found in Eastern Europe, where millions of Syrian Refugees are being discriminated against and even attacked by the citizens of the countries they are pouring into. In Greece, there were 50 attacks in 2017 against migrant workers. The refugees are simply trying to escape a war-torn country that is unlivable for their families. Where they should be met with protection, they are met with animosity and anger. This hatred can evolve into terrible hate crimes that can end in death. This is a serious problem and a grave danger that we need to mend.


The Dominican Republic would like to create a safe environment in all countries for the citizens of the world. We all need to work together, as to not cut ties with each other over petty thoughts of superiority. We believe that most countries should take our opinion on this because it is best for the people, and will reduce violence in the countries affected.



A resolution idea could be creating campaigns advertising tolerance of other races and cultures and also setting up days in public schools where the students acknowledge other beliefs around the world, in order to raise a more tolerant generation. For the refugee issues, we could introduce a cultural program that blends the two cultures together so there isn’t as much disparity between the races.

  • Tommy Laidlaw