September 16, 2019
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November 10th, 2019

Submitted To: UNEP

Subject: Access to Water

Delegate: Joshua Brzezinski (Royal Oak High School)


      As of 2019 the UNICEF declared only 54% of Madagascar has access to safe drinking water. Thats barely over 50% of people having access to safe drinking water, imagine what’s it like for other 56% of people with drinking water. Well, over 12 million people don’t have access to safe water and they yet continue to drink it anyway because it is a basic necessity to our health. People in Madagascar are dying because of the lack of access to safe drinking water about 800 children day each day due to diarrhea related diseases because of unsafe water. But, UNICEF is working with Madagascar to restore and bring clean water to the people. They recently created a pipeline in Southern Madagascar that delivers safe water to the thousands of people that live there.x


      Another program that is working with Madagascar is WASH, they are part of UNICEF and are working to bring water to the communities of Madagascar. Their three main challenges are to fix are Madagascar’s 3rd lowest unimproved sources of water and basic sanitation, only 36% of the main population have access to improved water sources, and only 10% of the population uses basic sanitation facilities. It is their job to help expand these resources across Madagascar. Another program is WSUP (Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor. What have they done? The WSUP has helped 1.15 million people with improved water services, 1.35 million people with improved sanitation services, 2.28 million people that have received hygiene training, and 18million additional funds from the USAID. The issues have already been identified now they need to be solved and expanded across the country.


      How will Madagascar expand clean water? Well, leave that to Unicef, their job is to bring safe and clean water across Madagascar. They have multiple supporters like donors, volunteers, organizations, regional communities, and celebrities to help do the job. Safe clean water and proper hygiene is a basic necessity that everyone should grow up with according to unicef. “In a country where only 51 percent of the population has access to clean water, we knew we could help, and we wanted to get involved” as unicef quoted. They have expanded clean water to almost 20% of Madagascar and it has proven as successful according to the population receiving aid. Committees have not done enough since this is still a problem there needs to be more funding from other countries that would like to help support countries that need the money for this issue. 


     With all these situations going on with people and children dying at the age of 5 of diarrheal disease and other countless lives being lost to unclean water with the help of all the committees such as UNICEF, WASH, WSUP, USAID, and with the help from volunteers and other supporters it just takes a matter of time till when clean water is everywhere in Madagascar. But, if this continues more and people every day will receive clean water and proper hygiene soon the only problem is time. By 2030 these issues should be solved according to SDG.

  • Joshua Brezenski