September 16, 2019
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November 9th, 2019

From: Madagascar

Subject: Renewable Energy

Delegate: Joshua Brezenski (Royal Oak High School)


      In 2018, Madagascar started to expand and start using more renewable energy resources like solar panels. This is because only 15% of people have access to electricity. So Madagascar started to use renewable energy resources like hydro power and woodfuel production. The main problem is expansion of these renewable energy resources because Madagascar is among one of the poorest countries in the world. While only 15% have access to electricity, expanding renewable resources will be a problem without the necessary funding. Madagascar is working with Development of independent power producers (IPP) to help spread the energy they need. Madagascar has a large solar energy potential because of all the sunlight, they get over 2,800 hours of sunlight each year. Only 2% of hydroelectric programs are in progress and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (EMAP) is helping to make small projects to help this situation.


      With Madagascar in 2019 still remaining on fossil fuels climate change is a deadly effect, there were many droughts and floods due to climate change. The temperatures are rising and which change in rain patterns can occur, more droughts, stronger weather, and warmer oceans. Some people were on the break of starvation in 2016 because of all the droughts and destruction of crops. Over the years, Madagascar has the way using fossil fuels is affecting them with climate change. In 2013 Co2 emissions were at its highest with over 3 million tons of Co2 being produced. But now its gone down and in 2015 70.2% of Madagascar’s power consumption was with renewable energy resources. Another way people are trying to help in Madagascar is by going off the grid.


     But, the main problem is funding. How is Madagascar going to get the funding they need to supply renewable energy they need? Well, in June 2018 the World Bank approved 40 million dollars in funding to improve electricity. This project is called The Madagascar Electricity Sector Operations and Governance Improvement Project (EGOSIP) and JIRAMA which is a state owned electricity service. Their goal is to strengthen social and economical developments by strengthening electricity services. With more investments in JIRAMA this will help spread the reliable energy people need. The International Development Association (IDA), their job is to help the poorest countries by giving grants and zero to low interest loans for programs and projects for economic growth. 


     What’s the outcome of expanding electricity? Well, more people have access to the internet and this can improve businesses, healthcare, communication, and education. Electricity can help businesses by having power more services and communication inside the building like calling, printing, and ect. With people having access to communication they talk to people around the globe by contacting people they can stay in touch with family and other people. This would also improve education by adding many programs and giving them access to the internet would increase and benefits everybody’s education. The main issue is expansion but Madagascar has all the funding they need from multiple programs.

  • Joshua Brezenski