September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee(DISEC): Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade


There is an illegal trade of weapons.  Weapons are being sold to terrorists and they are using it to cause terror and acts of crime on nations.  We are considered a transit stop for cocaine and the men transferring the stuff have illegal weapons. It is causing civil unrest and security within the country’s own borders is disappearing all because some people think it is ok to illegally sell guns to terrorists in order to make a profit.

There is currently no terrorism in our contry, but the treat has been increasing becuase of the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.  If there are illegal guns coming into our country, our country’s security will be greatly decreased. People are being sold military grade weapons and people who are not allowed to have weapons are being sold weapons.  Drug cartels are bringing in more illegal weapons to protect their product. Its giving more criminals high powered weapons and that can’t be good for anyone. We need to end the trade of illicit guns in order to stop this from happening.  We cannot allow criminals to have weapons in order to ensure our population is not harmed in any way.


We need to end the trade of illicit arms.  Our great country will be cracking down on terrorist cells to figure out where they are getting their weapons.  These weapons are causing great harm to my great nation. We are going to investigate where the weapons are coming from and put a stop to them.  We encourage other countries to do the same in funding efforts. We need to locate this group that is selling weapons to terrorists and eliminate them.  We also in the process should stop the drug trade that is going through our county. If there is no drugs to protect then the drug cartels would not need to buy illegal guns to protect the drugs.


  • Bobby Lynch

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