September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee(DISEC): Military Contractors


 Private armies and military contractors are militaries for hirer.  They are companies that either sell the services of their military or sell weaponry to anyone the is willing to pay.  This could be a good thing and a bad. It could be good because countries could boost their arms and our organization could hire these troops as peacekeepers rather than ask for donations from countries.  It could be bad because terrorist groups could purchase weapons or even buy troops for the cause. The companies don’t really care who hires them, all they care about is who pays them the most money.


This affects us because we were fighting the war on terrorism.  All the hard work and resources we put into the cause would be a huge waste because they could buy back what they lost.  Also, we are getting increased threats from our involvement in Syria and Iraq. We do not need terrorist cells in our country with the ability to purchase military weapons and troops.  Also, crime syndicates could be purchasing weapons to better protect the drugs that are constantly going through our country. Our police force will have a harder time executing drug raids because the cartel will have military-grade weapons and trained troops.


We should make a set of rules for who a company can sell to.  We need to make a committee to oversee what private military companies are selling.  This group of individuals will oversee any sale done by the companies. The companies will have to send in every sale they are wanting to do.  If a company does not comply with the rules, we will find them and put sanctions on them. If they continue not to comply, we will force the country to shut down and not make any more sales.  We suggest going as far as a military force to shut down these countries.


  • Bobby Lynch

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