September 16, 2019
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South Korea

Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels have been the world’s main source of fuel for many, many decades. Fossil fuels have helped advance technology and transportation, they have also been proven to be extremely harmful to the environment. When these fuels leak they can contaminate both soil and water, as well as pollute the air. These products have been destroying many landscapes and habitats for years. Not only do fossil fuels have a negative effect on our earth, but they are also burning at a much faster pace than they are being created. If we wanted to use oil and coal as our main source of energy, we would only use them for a few years before they would be gone. 

South Korea is trying to cut way back on our use of fuel fossil and switch to different types of renewable energy. In 2018 63% of Korea’s renewable waste was solar energy. In 2030 this number should increase. South Korea is trying to eliminate fossil fuel and switch to renewable energy altogether.


South Korea is looking forward to working with other countries to solve the non-renewable resources crisis.


  • Lydia Maggi

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