September 16, 2019
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The Dominican Republic (La Republica Dominicana)

World Health Organization (WHO): Ebola


 Ebola is a virus that causes blood clots. This virus is known as hemorrhagic fever virus (Any type of disease related to blood). Because of this virus, it causes internal bleeding and blood clotting from small blood vessels in your body. This also causes tissue damage and inflation to the body. Ebola is a deadly disease that can lead to death without proper care. Ebola is easily spreadable through body fluids like the contact of saliva, sweat, and tears. You can also get infected by touching things that have previously been infected with the virus. Ebola is concentrated in the central and western parts of Africa. It is slowly spreading to the western hemisphere, threatening our people and their health. Solving this issue is important because we don’t have many resources to control this virus in a small island like ours. 


The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with the Republic of Haiti, which is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Because Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, they do not have much money to provide health defenses for their people, or do research on how ebola can affect the people. If Ebola were to get to Haiti, it can easily spread through the border into the Dominican Republic by infected people coming and spreading it through saliva or other measures, leading to chaos. The Dominican Republic has little economic resources to provide medical help to all of our people, but we have benefitted from the assistance of other regional countries like Colombia and the United States, but taking such a risk can be deadly. 


In the Dominican Republic, we have set out a research plan to see how the country would operate while under the attack of the Ebola virus. In the meantime, we have joined other countries like Colombia in a travel ban for all visitors, who have visited an infected country classified by the World Health Organization. All of us Carribean countries can not handle such a virus as it easily spreads and there is little to no cure for it.    


As I said before, the Dominican Republic, as well as many other nations have put a travel ban on visitors coming from infected countries classified by the World Health Organization. The United States and the United Kingdom, have set out a research project on how to contain and neutralize the virus. In the meantime, many nations have sent help to the infected countries through the UN and WHO. 


In the committee, the Dominican Republic wants to have a resolution to set out a plan involving all of the countries in the western hemisphere, to have a plan of action if the ebola virus were to reach and affect the Western Hemisphere as it has done in Africa. In the resolution, we would look for a total ban on all commercial, military, and private air travel entry to the region from Ebola-infected countries.

  • Juan Pena

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