September 16, 2019
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Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC): Private Military Contractors


Private Military Contractors are a group of armed military people who paid to help companies gain financial gain. Private military contractors have been used by many companies and governments around the world/ Our country has banned all uses of private military contractors via Mercenary Activities (Prohibition) Bill 2003 because of our history with the use of the military plus it puts unequal justice into our society. In 2004 we have also made another mercenary activity bill which adds on to our previous bill making it even harder to set up or higher a Private military contractor. As a representative of New Zealand, we believe private military contractors should not be allowed in any countries and any country that does not recommend this proposition should least tax it heavily.


Private Military contractors have made many of our beloved citizens move to develop countries like Iraq, Isreal, and Palestine, the price for use a private military contract could be as little as 1000$ making it very irresistible to out citizens. Baghdad is one of place where most of our citizens go about 500- 1000 people. According to the contracting commission, mega contractor KBR (a.k.a. the contractor was formerly known as Halliburton) was paid at least $36.3 billion to provide base support in Iraq for the past eight years.  But Despite collecting $204 million for electrical work on Iraq bases, KBR’s shoddy wiring has been blamed in as many as 12 or more soldiers death by electrocution, including a Special Forces commando who died after he was shocked while taking a shower. The company has also billed Uncle Sam a half-billion dollars to hire Blackwater to provide personal security in Iraq. This is one out of many private militaries contracts gone wrong wasting money and kills many people. 


Private military contracts should be illegal because of its dangerous activities and their use of taxpayer money. I suggest we make an international bill which bans the use of private military contractors, or if that doesn’t work we should put a 35% tax on the use of military contractors to decrease the use of them. The UN accepts the right to use private military contractors and has been using military contractors for years. We should post a petition at the next UN conference and should see how many other countries agree with us.

  • Ethan Tilley

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