September 16, 2019
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New Zealand

Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC): Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade


Many families have been terrorized or even killed by the use of illegal weapons. New Zealand has had its fair share of current terrorism like in 2018 when a shooter who illegally obtained an Assult weapon which killed 51 innocent people in a church. Our Country believes arms trading is a good thing but only with other countries’ military, not citizens. This issue is so important because if not regulated properly, the weapons could be used to kill millions.


The Prevention of illegal weapons trades helps our country economy and our power. Over the past years, many countries have been a victim of bioterrorist weapons/ attacks made by a terrorist such as 9/11 in New York, the Shooting in New Zealand church and the Chemical bomb dropped on the Syrian people. Our country believes stopping the trade of illegal guns and weapons will be a step into the future of a world without guns being used to kill any more innocent children or parents. It would not impact New Zealand at all but to other countries such as United States, it would impact, so we would like to insist this is the way to peace.


As a representative of New Zealand, we would like to stop and punish anyone who is trading illicit weapons to unauthorized people. We would like to work with China and the United States and other members of the UN to help solve this very problematic problem. Some solutions New Zealand proposes are heavy taxes on weapons trade/ increase the price to obtain weapons, Keep full control and vision on gun trades and increase security. We have talked during the UN Committee about the ways we proposed and talked about a new reformed NATO.


Overall We disagree with the use of guns and we would like to ban guns and stop the use of illegal guns to save our countries citizens and future generations.

  • Ethan Tilley

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