September 16, 2019
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Abigail Morrow


Ebola is a virus that hijacks the immune and vascular systems. The mortality rate of the Ebola Virus Disease is 50%. In Somalia, Ebola has not significantly affected our population. In western Africa however, the Ebola outbreak has affected the population in great measures. For example, in the DR Congo more than 1,600 people have died due to Ebola since the outbreak began in August 2018. These outbreaks tend to happen in more remote areas. One of the major issues regarding Ebola is the lack of trust in officials trying to contain Ebola. Finally, although the vaccine has been created the expense and low supply creates problems. While Somalia struggles with different diseases and health problems, we want to be medically prepared if an Ebola outbreak were to occur in our country.


Regarding regional countries, such as Uganda, the Somali government increased the level of preparedness. The Minister for Health and Social Services, Fowzia Abikar Nur, said, “The government is closely monitoring the situation in the neighboring and regional states over the deadly virus and her ministry has taken necessary measures.” She noted that, “Trained personnel are on standby to monitor the situation.” These people have special skills and equipment in order to deal with an emergency case if one were to occur. There have been multiple Ebola scares in Somalia, but with quick action by the Health Ministry, the scares have been proven rumors. For example in 2015 there were concerns that a man had brought back the virus with him from Guinea. The Health Minister said, “As soon as we heard the rumours of a case of Ebola virus in Somalia, we acted quickly and decisively to isolate the alleged victim, a Somali citizen named Abdulkadir Jinow Barow, and those who had been in contact with him.” With quick action when a threat occurs, the Somali government country is prepared if Ebola were to enter the borders.


Somalia recommends that in order to contain Ebola outbreaks and increase the survival rate of people infected with Ebola, the World Health Organization must work together to reach a consensus. The first thing Somalia suggests is that quarantine sights be set up in countries where Ebola outbreaks are likely or already happening. This will allow countries to contain citizens affected with Ebola. Somalia further suggests that all countries should train authorities in the skills needed for effective containment, handling of body fluids and burial of infected individuals. Finally, Somalia wants to discuss with the Committee the research concerning the Ebola vaccine. 

  • Abbie Morrow

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