September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Private Military Contractors

Federal Republic of Somalia
Forest Hills Eastern

Api Sen


The use of private military contractors around the world has been on the rise ever since 1980 when the first PMC was created. The United Nations, but more specifically the Disarmament and International Security Committee, must recognize the actions private military contractors are profiting off of from conflict. As the United Nations along with many other nations taking advantage of privatized military contractors, the uses for each are just. The Federal Republic of Somalia recognizes the United Nations’ concern and agrees with the above statement. However, like every other nation, Somalis have the right to protection, especially due to the rising conflict zones. As the Somalian Government mutually benefits from private sectors, in return our citizens are grateful for the protection they receive. As a growing nation still in a civil war, Somalia and its citizens benefit greatly from the flexibility of PMC’s. Without the political and bureaucratic hassles, PMC’s and the Somalian government can act on issues that would result in much larger catastrophes if not dealt with. 


The Federal Republic of Somalia has great respect for the Disarmament and International Security Committee and the United Nations as a whole; therefore as a nation, Somalia gives its support towards growing the usage of private military contractors. As a source that is accessible and quick to respond within our borders, PMC’s have positively impacted Somalia. Supporting President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, PMC’s have kept our citizens safe and in return, we give these contractors the power to do what they must. However, in regards to UN Resolution 2005/2, Somalia recognizes to misuse of PMC’s and can assure member countries that such violations towards human rights are controlled within Somalia’s borders and PMC’s are kept in check.


Being said, the Federal Republic of Somalia recommends DISEC remain neutral in handling PMC’s in countries other than their own. As nations are limited in recognizing the scope of other countries’ governments and their goals, Somalia re-emphasizes that controlling the masses of PMC’s is near impossible and the power to keep each contractor in check must ultimately remain in the hands of the host nation. As the United Nations debates this conflict of how to keep each PMC from violating human rights, Somalia and partnering countries would like to proclaim that each nation within the UN uses PMC’s for separate uses and limiting the powers of each would ultimately result in gridlock.

  • Api Sen

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